Why even work for yourself? You’re making the same amount of money.

Posted by Ryan Henning on

  A lot of folks will think they know how much you are making, try to count your pockets, or tell you

•“you’re making the same as when you had a 9-5 what was the point?”
•“you’re not living lavish why go through the trouble go and  just work a job.”

first off, REMOVE THESE PEOPLE FROM YOUR LIFE!! Working for yourself is more than the money you make. It’s about the freedom, controlling your own path, your own schedule and your own income. Think about this; when you were working for someone else, you  were bound to whatever your job wanted to pay you given whatever schedule you had. Some people can’t get 2 jobs, or work OT to bring in more  income.  But people have been conditioned to tell you that a job is safe, it’s comfortable when actually your a cog in that wheel that they can replaced.

 The entrepreneur’s income is only limited to their energy level and creativity. Do not let people who define success only by numbers discourage you. It doesn’t matter if you made $500 a week working for ABC company and now you make $500 for yourself. You earned that $500 differently, be proud of that. 💯

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