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Don’t Be A Prayer Hater

Posted by Ryan Henning on

Shhhh...I'm going to let you in on a secret a lot of business people won't tell you when you first start.....It's not about the money. I know I know, what's the point in having a business if you are not trying to make money. Yes, income is a goal but it shouldn't be your only motivating factor. You will make NO long term financial gains if you do not practice good habits.
One of the best pieces of advise i ever received was "You can either have a lot of small things now, or a handful of life changing things later." In business as in life, we all start with the resources we have at that moment. Some have financial backing, some have the ability to research and analyze, others just have the desire to find a solution. Do not let what other people have or start out with get you unfocused on your own lane. Too many people turn into what we call "prayer haters.'
A prayer Hater is someone who prayed for something and when they got it, automatically downplayed it because it is not what what the next person has. You prayed for a new car, got the new car, but since it is not sally up the roads 2020 model, you aren't satisfied. It is always good to have goals for bigger a better things, but you do not downplay your own accomplishments. Celebrate your wins no matter how small, because somebody is out there looking at your first step taken and trying to get the courage to take that same step.
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  • I am so greatful for warriors like you

    Soleil Deane on
  • I’m so glad I read this. I’ve been following you for sometime my desire is to learn from you once I can afford to take up your classes but from Facebook and blogs you truly inspire me to keep going. ✨

    Sydnei McGinty on

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