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New Year: Find Your Study Guide

Posted by Ryan Henning on

Remember when you were in High school and test day came? Every now and again you would have a teacher who gave a multiple choice test with all the same questions, but everybody would have them in a different order. Even if you looked to the left and right and thought you saw the answer, you had no idea whether that answer went to the question you were on.  I use that example to get you thinking about how life is working for you right now. 

So many times, too many times, we are looking at others peoples lives, other peoples journeys, other peoples answer to solve a test that is specifically made for you. Being different is what makes us unique, as we can have two different people with the same backgrounds and get multiple outcomes of how life will end upon for them. Do not be so focused on this tests you see other people and think "if this person fails then you will too," or "if that person succeeds with a specific thing then you will too." 

All of your past experiences and situations are merely a study guide to the test of life. Yes, it does help to surround yourself with like minded people who you can feed off of, something of a study group, but even a study group doesn't give you exact answers to a specific test. Pick up study habits, keep your ears open and listen to what is being floated in the air so it can stick but even then there is no guarantee. Hold yourself accountable for your own study habits and do not lie to yourself and say you want to be successful but you aren't expanding your circle to include people that are where you are trying to go.

Your social media is full of people, but you follow nobody giving out any type of game, no testimonies about the journey because they're worried about people thinking they've always been there, I encourage you to do more than you did last year. Make today better than yesterday if even a small amount. Pressure starts within yourself so do not feel like you're behind because in actuality you are in a 1 person race. Happy New Year!

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    John on
  • This article is amazing and so motivating. By the way, I’m here from TikTok and let me just say.. I claim that boss up family oriented energy!! All love and Blessings.


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