Take it personal!

Posted by Ryan Henning on

Has someone ever did wrong by you? Maybe someone underestimated you. Maybe someone you didn’t know try to spread dirt on your name. Maybe a job passed you up due to lack of experience. Chances are it made you angry, it made you sad, or all of the above. You took it personal, So why aren’t you taking it personal when it comes to hiding yourself accountable?

If you really think back, you can probably find plenty of examples where you told yourself you weren’t ready for (insert thing here.) So what happens? You A. Move on and leave it on the table and B. never try to get ready at what you said you weren’t ready for. How many times are you going to be the FIRST person to tell you that you aren’t capable?

We have a tendency to take things personal, and that’s okay, we are all human and have human emotion. Nobody thinks about you more than you no matter how many haters you think you have.You CANNOT get upset at your haters when you are hating on yourself! YOU ARE YOUR OWN BIGGEST HATER. These people are getting the blueprint from you. 

This year I want you to take it personal. This means start with yourself, get mad at yourself before we look outside of ourselves. Challenge yourself to figure out the why and how. WHY do i think I’m not ready and HOW am i going to get ready. Take 2021 personal.

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  • I was on Facebook or tiktok and I ran across you speaking your message was amazing quitting the 9 to 5 being Your Own Boss that’s what intrigued me I went on your bio I’m sold thank you

    Shirley Featherstone on
  • This evening I was just browsing and I ran across your page it was amazing just seen accomplishing

    Shirley Featherstone on
  • It’s funny how I’m never on Facebook but today on a Sunday just so happened to go on the book because of a cousin that recently passed plus I usually always am on Facebook on Sunday for my Pastors Cermon but noticed your videos and became very interested in your life and business and wealth and wondering how can I life like that

    Cherea Fordham on
  • Thank you

    Alecia Daniels on
  • I ran across this message at the right time. The Lord sure does give you what you at right moment in time. I am glad allowed myself to be inspired by such success women. These words you have written will not be taken lightly “QUEEN” I getting up today making efforts to be BOSS. I thank you and I will update on the progress. Be Blessed

    Dominique Pace on

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