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Can You Afford To Pay Attention To That?

Posted by Ryan Henning on

There is a balance we all must carry inside of us in life in general. Bills, making enough money, what enough money actually is, quality time with family, etc are just a few examples. But as in business just as in personal you have to ask yourself, Can I afford this? Often times we think the word cost and associate them with physical purchases. But have you ever thought about your emotional budget?

A budget by definition is "an estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time." Think about a time where you felt like you wasted money, maybe it was a night out, a loan you gave to a family member, or an item you bought that you don't even remember where it is anymore. Now think about how many times you wasted energy on a person or situation that had no real long term value to you. Somebody out here had a situation happen years ago that still angers them to this day and that is draining their mental budget. 

A lot of us are blaming our shortcomings on memories that already should have expired. These people that have hurt us, disrespected or hated on us have moved on with their lives while we continue to be bitter and make decisions on how we live or what businesses we start based on proving something to everyone but our own selves. We worry about how other people are living and tell ourselves "well I work harder than that person, why do they get that?" Meanwhile you keep missing your turn to get on the road that's meant for you that may be BETTER than even you imagined because you keep worrying about somebody else's neighborhood. 

Overall, positive energy by itself will not get you where you want to go, but it'll get you farther than negative energy will ever take you. So that person who doesn't support you, that person talking about you, that 8 year old relationship you haven't healed from, ask yourself, Can I afford to pay attention to this? Can I afford to keep giving this my energy and my time at the expense of the present.I don't think anybody can afford to sacrifice their own joy.

Until next time. 

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