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Reign Report- Words of encouragement

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Hey Reign Gang!

I know in these tough times we all are living In currently, we all need a word of encouragement. These days, there are a lot of different ways to define success. Whether you want a new car, new home, or just want to establish some consistency for your family, just know you can do it as long as you remember a few things. Use these keys and you will be able to weather the storm.

First, focus on what your own individual goals are and not define them by what or who you see. In business, as in life in general, confidence and expectations shape all of us. When it comes to your business, blaze your own checklist of what success is. Do not take for granted that very first sale, because there was a time where you thought "who would buy anything from me?" Do not take for granted that first time somebody recommends your business to a complete stranger, because there was a time when nobody even knew you had a business.

Next, be sure to celebrate your wins and learn from your losses. Losses are going to happen, you can't avoid them, do not get discouraged. Once you decide to do something, you have already done more than most people who never even get started. Do not be afraid to fail, because there was a time where you were failing before you even tried something new, So if you do not like the path your journey is on, why would you be afraid to do something different? I would be afraid of being okay with staying the same.

Lastly, your best days are ahead of you, I cannot stress this enough. Wake up everyday striving to make today better than yesterday. If you can accomplish one thing today that you didn't have yesterday, one thing you learned that you didn't know yesterday, then you have already inched closer to being a better you and a better businessperson overall.

Keep working! Do it Scared! Why not you? Most importantly, Just like you ask yourself " What if it doesn't work?," ask yourself this..."What if it does?"

Good luck Reign Gang.

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