Reign Report #1

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Encouraging words for the day: Your effort is only as strong as the intention you put behind it. A lot of people put in effort, it takes effort to get out of bed everyday, It takes effort to go and find drugs or be messy. What is your intention? Intention is the difference between those people who took loans and created empires, and those who borrow $20 dollars from their family and you never see them again. Energy doesn’t lie, put your intentions where your mouth is and go get what you deserve, and if you lack direction, you’ll still get what you deserve, it just won’t be much.

Whatever you choose to do in life, whether selling apparel or building personally, you have to give to give it all you have. That includes doing more than the normal. Reach out to more the more experienced, do your own research, most importantly be willing to accept good and bad alike. You are going to take a some losses, probably more losses than wins, but the wins are so sweet that it will keep you on track.

Anybody around you who does not have the vision and the open ear to listen and soak in how you feel is not someone who you want your energy around. Everybody has goals, a story, and final chapter they would like to see written. The difference is some include you in their story, but without you the story doesn't change, while others have a story that without your role, the story just is not as good. Have the team that the story is sweeter when you al make it. Be positive, be consistent, be open, be determined.

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