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Hello Kings and Queens,

Thank you so much for reading today Reign report! A-quick report B- Business definitions

C-start up resources QUICK REPORT

*Gloss Boss kits are currently sold out. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, they will be off the site until further notice. Thank you for your patience.

*Mentorship programs are not available at this time, however will be available during the Summer. More details will be relayed once available.


VENDOR-a person or company offering something for sale, especially a trader in the street. The vendor is who you purchase the actual products from.

LLC- formation of a business where the business assumes all liability in the event of lawsuit. If the business is sued, the business asserts are collected as opposed to personal property.

Sole proprietorship- a business started by one person.

Partnership- formation of a business by 2 or more people.

**if unsure which one best fits you, choose sole proprietorship If you are by yourself.


logos- if you do not have resources to have a logo created, apps like FIVERR can help. They have a variety of logo makers to fit all budgets.

Here is the link

If you need assistance with the business license, websites like LegalZoom an assist and file your paperwork in your state for a fee. You can also google the requirements in your state and what documents you need to file based on your state.

Catch us next week !

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