Facebook & Instagram Ad’s Masterclass

Facebook & Instagram Ad’s Masterclass

  • $24.98
    Unit price per 
  • Save $75.02

Stop wasting money boosting Instagram Ads! Put your business on autopilot and watch the sales roll in. I currently have a Facebook Ad running that costs me $2 per sale.

👉🏽 1 sale = $20 👈🏽

So that means:

💰 If I spend $50, I can make $500. 💰

💰 If I spend $100, I can make $1,000. 💰

💰 If I spend $500, I can make $5,000. 💰

My Ads Masterclass valued at $250 is just $79.99. If you haven't been following my journey and are wondering if the price is too good to be to true, I was JUST in your shoes. I started from the bottom and I don't believe in making people choose between getting behind on a bill or taking one of my classes!

Here's a few things my self paced online class will teach you :

✨How to properly set up your FB Ads account
✨How to build captivating ads
✨What to say in your ads
✨How to target celebrity influencers followers
✨How to set up your FB Pixel to track your website visitors
✨How to directly target people who visited your website but didn't make a purchase
✨How to find your niche
✨What kind of ads to run to a warm vs cold audience